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Thu Aug 22 14:51:37 EST 1996

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>Gary Kucera <kucera~gt at> wrote:
>> Dominique Larrouy <larrouyd at> wrote:
>> >Does it exist a software similar to the fusion of plasmap (for drawing 
>> >and plasmids constructs) and DNA strider (for sequence analysis)
>> You can download a demo version of WinPlas plasmid drawing program for 
>> the PC at the following URL:  
>> Don't know how good it is though.  Maybe you could post your opinion 
>> after trying it.
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>There's somthing called Plasmid toolkit at

>i think it's great for quick, quality plasmid maps, the website's really slow
>though so get it from indiana ftp site or mirrors :)

Tried the WinPlas plasmid drawing program (DEMO!) once. It seems to
have all the features that are required for high quality plasmid maps.
Drawbacks: (1) It is only a demo version and it is very rudimentary
(for instance, the print mode is blocked) . (II) It is far too
expensive (>$600, if I remember correctly).

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