I need a promoter selection vector, help

Merja.Mikkonen at csc.fi Merja.Mikkonen at csc.fi
Thu Aug 22 09:26:05 EST 1996


I am starting to study some prokaryotic promoter. For this I 
need certain type of a promoter selection vector for E.coli.
1. I have heard that the lacZ gene system would be the best 
for the detection of promoter activity. 
2. The replication origin has to be some other than ColE1, 
pMB1 or pSC101.
3 The antibiotic resistance system shoud be something else 
than ampicillin or kanamycin (=neomycin).

Does anybody know about a vector like this. I would be very 
grateful for any information. 

Merja Mikkonen
Merja.Mikkonen at csc.fi

Department of Biology, Genetics
University of Oulu
FIN-90570 Finland

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