Biotin Pcr primers and anealing temperature

Dan Andrews Dan.Andrews at
Thu Aug 22 20:45:05 EST 1996

Hi Karl,  

	I came across a similar problem not so long ago when I was using 
biotinylated primers for dye-terminator sequencing.  Normally I just use 
plain-garden-variety primers at the concentration dictated by the 
sequencing kit. However, when I used the biotinylated primers for 
sequencing I needed to add more of the primer (double) in order to get a 
decent product from the sequencing reaction.  You probably have already 
tried fiddling with your primer concentrations, but I thought I'd mail 
you anyway.  Hope you get it in the end.


Dan Andrews
John Curtin School of Medical Research
Australian National University
Canberra,  AUSTRALIA

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