What really indicates induction?

Riekeltje Koedood rkoedood at bio.bu.edu
Thu Aug 22 12:31:31 EST 1996

Here are 2 references you can look up for ideas:
Phillipp et al. (1994) Dev. Biol. 165: 602-614
Meier et al (1995) Dev. Biol. 169: 1-14

In these 2 papers AP-2 expression changes was compared to Sp1 and MTF-1
as 'internal controls'. However, as already mentioned, the choice of
internal controls is quite arbitrary and can always be debated. 

Good luck.

Marieke Koedood

Susan Patrick (patrics at okstate.edu) wrote:
: I need advice from journal reviewers and/or authors who are knowledgible 
: about experimental design requirements necessary to show mRNA induction. 

: I will be performing northerns to quantitate mRNA.  I want to show 
: conclusively if a particular gene (marker for differentiation) is or is 
: not induced by a drug treatment.  I am particularly concerned about 
: internal controls.  (In my experiment, F9 cells will be differentiating, 
: and I think some internal controls, such as cytoskeleton components, may 
: be inapproprate.)  

: Any advice would be appreciated.  Also, if you know of a paper which 
: demonstrates a thorough experimental design, let me know. Many papers do 
: not show or discuss all the controls.

: Thanks!!!

: Susan Patrick
: Email: patrics at okstate.edu

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