Using TdT to clean up sequencing reactions?

David Micklem drm21 at
Wed Aug 21 10:32:03 EST 1996

In article <drdad-2008961720070001 at>, drdad at wrote:

>I've tried the TdT technique and really prefer the Klenow co-sequencing
>method referred to in Biotechniques Vol 17, pg. 286 (1994). I use this as
>part of my routine sequencing protocol now.
>Good luck!
>Felix Guerrero
>drdad at

Hi Felix,

I'm interested in what this protocol is.  Could you post a summary? (We
can only get the totally useless Euro-version of Biotechniques here). I've
toyed with trying the TdT method, but have never actually gotten round to
buying any.  Klenow, on the other hand, we have lots of! 'Co-sequencing'
also seems to imply that there are no additional steps involved. Is this


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