Sections not sticking to slides

Kimberley Snowden kcsnowden at
Wed Aug 21 20:14:36 EST 1996


>Hi there!
>I hope somebody out there can help me with this one, its driving me 
>mad. I am doing in situs with RNA probes on stem disc sections from 
>resin-embedded stems. I need to find a way of sticking my sections to 
>slides that is RNASE-FREE, does not damage endogenous RNA (ie high 
>temperatures are out) and sticks my sections to the slides. So far I 
>have tried baking the sections at 37 overnight onto 0.1% poly-l-
>lysine coated slides and 1% poly-l-lysine coated. THey wont stick!! 
>Any help will be sincerely appreciated. (The detection system is an 
>anti-dig horseradish peroxidase coupled antibody binding to the Dig-
>11-UTP in the RNA probe, in case thats relevant). Thanks in advance,

Although they are a little expensive, I would recommend you buying
some superfrost plus slides.  You can get them from Fisher (cat number
12-550-15), or from Erie Scientific.  In my experience, they bind
tissue much better than treatments like poly-l-lysine, and can save
you a lot of heartache over lost sections.

No affiliation with fisher etc
Kim Snowden
kcsnowden at

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