Has anyone separated proteins using agarose.

Glenn Jenkins gjenkins at facstaff.wisc.edu
Fri Aug 16 07:16:34 EST 1996

There is a method for resolving very large proteins ( > 200kD) in starch gels. 
I would suggest doing a medline search on the topic to find the details.
In addition to running the prestained standards, he should run unstained
standards of a known quantity as an additional control.


In article <Hind-1508960113100001 at umbi6-11.umbi.umd.edu>,
Hind at umbi.umd.edu (John Hind) wrote:

> Has anyone any experience with this. One of my colleagues has a couple of
> student interns trying to get a protocol to work for use in a high school
> lab. They're not having much luck visualizing proteins stained with
> Coomassie blue that were extracted from crab and fish. Prestained
> standards show up fine though.

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