Microcentrifuge preferences???

Vladimir Svetlov vvsvetlov at utmem1.utmem.edu
Wed Aug 14 19:37:43 EST 1996

In article <edroush-1408961501010001 at kwatra2.mc.duke.edu>,
edroush at acpub.duke.edu (Eric Roush) wrote:

> Our lab is currently considering the purchase of additional
> 1.4 ml-tube centrifuges.  We'd like to get something that
> is reliable, affordable, easy-to-clean, and reasonably quiet.

So far most affordable ones that we've got come from Fisher - their little
plastic 8 tube/variable speed (up to 10K) costs under 500$. It is really
quiet, we've been using it for 18 months - no problems at all. That's the
only one I ever saw that one can really have on the bench and not go deaf
or bananas. It also allows use of higher than normal 1.5 ml tubes and
assemblies (like those for elution of Wizard midipreps). We've also got
two 24 tube Fisher fuges, variable to 13K for 1200$ each. Those are not
quiet albeit less noisy than Eppendorf ones. Actually they were OK when we
got them but within several months noise increased, they are still
bearable to sit next to if the speed is below 10K. On the other hand they
are reliable and teflon rotors are very useful around people who
habitually forget to secure the lid (1 bloody third of a bloody turn of
the bloody nob) - thrice they were send flying inside the fuge at the
speed of 12K+ and apart from some wearing everything still is OK. We had
an opportunity to compare that to results of metal rotor sent on the same

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