Antibody contamination during immunoaffinity purification

Dooyeon Kim dykim at
Tue Aug 20 02:12:08 EST 1996

Hello, I need some help  

I purified the connexin 43 using polyclonal antibodies

which were crosslinked to Sepharose CN4B. My problem is that the eluted

connexin 43 contains the antibodies. I suspect that this antibodies were

dissociated during the acidic elution steps(pH 2.4). In the case of using

monoclonal antibody, no antibody contaminat were shown. I want to 

 prevent the dissociation of antibodies during elution steps. 

Is there anyone to meet similiar problems like me?  Any suggestions will

be appriciated.              


KAIST, Daejon Korea.                     Dooyeon Kim ......................
                                         dykim at

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