Sections not sticking to slides

Majumder lab jhmorris at
Thu Aug 22 16:11:02 EST 1996

> I think people in our lab (who do in situs) use amino-silane-compounds
> with which they treat their slides instead of using Poly-Lysine. To my
> knowledge this treatment results in covalent attachment of the
> aminosilane to the glass surface. One seems to get a very high density
> of positive charges on the surface of the slide. Maybe this could do
> the trick...
> Tell me if you are interested and I'll try to find some suitable
> protocols for you.

I use these slides (APES-treated) for in situs also.  You can buy them
already treated from a company called Histology Control Systems, catalog #

I've never had a problem with sections coming off.  Maybe it's the slides.
(Gotta be the shoes)

--Julia Hsi Morris

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