Sequencing directly from gel slices ?

Taek H. You tyou at
Sat Aug 24 01:39:09 EST 1996

In article <321E3D1C.3C09 at> "Bryan L. Ford" <fordb at> writes:

>Does anyone have a reliable method for directly cycle sequencing using an
>agarose gel band as template, without further purification? My typical template
>would be a strong PCR product in the range of 500 bp. I would use a nested
>sequencing primer. I have a vague recollection of some protocol using LMP
>dirctly in this regard, but cannot presently locate any references. Thanks for
>assistance you may give me.

It was in Nucleic Acids Research, most likely '92 or '93.
I have tried and worked o.k. although signal was a little weaker than I 

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