First Base, free molecular biology software exclusively for OS/2

Taek H. You tyou at
Sat Aug 24 01:28:26 EST 1996

In article <4vjf1b$opd at> rhughes at writes:

>Is this the killer app that will wrest control of the desktop away from Bill
>Gates? ... no,
>I don't think so.  However, if you use OS/2 Warp and do any molecular biology in
>your laboratory,
>you should check out First Base.

>First Base is a Presentation Manager program written with VX-REXX.  For the
>price(!), it's
>a capable program, very easy to use and should fulfill most of your molecular
>biology software
>needs.  We have been using First Base almost exclusively in our laboratory for
>the past four
>or five months.  There are no bugs that I'm aware of (barring one minor problem
>with updating
>windows under certain circumstances).

>You can download a copy of First Base right now from The Insel Lab Home Page, 


>All I ask in return is that you provide me with some feedback, what you
>what you miss in this program, etc.

>Happy cloning!

>Richard J. Hughes

Is there any port to Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Macintosh platforms?
If not, are you willing to do it if you have time?

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