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Fri Aug 23 18:24:38 EST 1996

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Steve  <smiles at bgsm.edu> wrote:
>Hey all!
>I'm doing a normal western blot, but our polyclonal antibodies seem to be 
>binding to many of the E. Coli proteins. It is possible that the 
>antibodies were raised to our protein, as well as any bacterial proteins 
>present in the blood during an infection in the rabbit.

Yes, it is possible that bacterial proteins present in your adjuvent have
antibodies raised against them!  I don't have the protocol in front of me
but you can adsorb your antiserum against a bacterial lysate to remove the
"offending" antibodies.  If you are interested I can e-mail this to you or
post it (let me know if you are interested, otherwise I won't go looking
for the protocol :)

James Tsuruta, PhD
The Laboratories for Reproductive Biology
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

PS.  Am I remembering correctly that you posted your query from Wake Forest?
     I'm just curious, what's the Demon Deacon equivalent of "Go Heels!"?

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