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>>> >Does it exist a software similar to the fusion of plasmap (for drawing 
>>> >and plasmids constructs) and DNA strider (for sequence analysis)

>Tried the WinPlas plasmid drawing program (DEMO!) once. It seems to
>have all the features that are required for high quality plasmid maps.
>Drawbacks: (1) It is only a demo version and it is very rudimentary
>(for instance, the print mode is blocked) . (II) It is far too
>expensive (>$600, if I remember correctly).

No, its actually $325 for a single user version.  I've been using v2.5
(registered version) for a while now and like it very much.  The only
problem we have is that the author assured us that it would work on our
local network but this is not actually the case (the program is copy
protected using a dongle).  Although the author appears to be selling
multi-user versions for networks I have no idea if they work or not.
Apart from this quirk it does the job really well - not just a "dumb"
drawing program but more of a molecular biology editor.  The technical
support (when we initially needed it) was also very good.

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