FITC fading kinetics

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Thu Aug 22 21:03:17 EST 1996

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> Has anyone a feel for the rate at which FITC and similar fade when used for
> immunohistochemical staining of Rat cells. I seem to get significant fade
> over the first fews days and weeks - this means I cannot go back to reasses
> slides a week old despite keeping them in Citiflour in the dark at 4oC. Any
> way to minimise this problem?
> Many Thanks
> Graham Atherton
> grggta at

Dear Graham,

to minimize this fading problem, I recommend you to use the Prolong
Antifade kit from Molecular Probes (Oregon, USA) ref# P-7481. Works fine.
It seems you can keep your preparations for at least one month in the
fridge without loosing any signal intensity.

Good luck


Didier Thomas
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College of Medicine
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