MedImmune INc anyone ??

Ganesh Jawahar Swaminathan hi712 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Fri Aug 23 12:10:17 EST 1996

Hi !
This may not be the forum for asking for addresses but as this 
is read by molecular biologists who may use products by this firm
I take this liberty.
I am looking for the e-mail address of MedImmune Inc. of Gaithersburg, Mary
Maryland, USA.. I need to order some Mycobacterial plasmids from them.
Any clue to their e-mail address or that of Raju Lathigra who works in the same firm will be 
very much appreciated.
Sorry for the bother..
Jawahar Swaminathan
National Institute of Immunology
New Delhi, INDIA

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