Qiagen Quiaquick : reliable? pure enough for Autoseq?

Wolfgang Schechinger diabetes at lrz.uni-muenchen.de
Sat Aug 24 14:00:01 EST 1996

Hi there. 
For extracting agarose gel slice i turned to supelco's quick spin
columns. I use them even for *preparative* procedures. Then I deviate
from the manufacturer's receipe but centrifuge for up to 30 min while
turning the spin column 180 deg. every five minutes to better sqeeze
the gel slices down. If traces of agarose make problems, precipitate
with acetate/EtOH and wash. 

Alternatively, use a plasic reaction tube (Eppi), make a *small* hole
in the bottom, place some siliconized glass wool into and your gel
slice on top. Centrifuge at low speeds, up to 3000 rpm in an eppendorf
centrifuge, to prevent the agarose from running through. Precipitate
the DNA afterwards. 

Hope this will help. 
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