AmpliTaq Gold vs AmpliTaq: where is the magic ?

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Sun Aug 25 12:06:15 EST 1996

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>>Hi there,
>>Anybody knows what is the key difference between AmpliTaq Gold vs
>>AmpliTaq at the molecular/reagent composition level? Apparently they
>>are both the same MW enzyme. I wonder if Gold is not something similar
>>to the Clontech Taq plus thermolabile antibody... 
>No.  I talked to one of their reps about this and she stated she was
>not allowed to say exactly what it was but it was definitely not an
>inhibitory antibody.  I asked if it was "something like a heat labile
>blocking group, maybe for a cysteinyly thiol" and she said that it was
>along those lines.  This would fit in with the lack of effect on its
>electrophoretic mobility.
>	Does anyone know if the activity of Taq polymerase can be
>modulated within the bacterium? - maybe phosphorylation.
>	Anyway, the reps feel that we don't have to know the nature
>of the control in the Gold enzyme as they claim that whatever the
>block is it will have no effect at all on downstream usage.  So, if
>anyone can show a stituation where AmpliTaq works but AmpliTaq Gold
>does not I'd be interested to hear about it (and so would the
>manufacturers, I'm sure).
>		Bernard
>Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
>bernard at  (National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda MD, 
> After 5 years fiddling around with TaqStart antibodies TMAC, acetamide
SSB proteins etc etc,the promises of amplitaq gold were extremely 
exciting.Unfortunately the claims that it can be substituted with little 
if any changes to existing programs do not appear to apply to our many 
different applications including multiplexing of dinucleotide repeats and 
diagnostic PCR to detect bacteria in tissue lysate: in the latter 
application the amplification was reminiscent of our titrations of 
TMAC--wacking great bands in some positive samples but nothing at all in 
others.In this instance Amplitaq LD and Clontech's TaqStart antibody beat 
it hands down in reproducibility and sensitivity. I'm following all the 
instructions dutifully, but I may be missing the boat on some little 
    Best Wishes   STEVEg

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