Qiagen: This is ridiculous

Nikolai Chitaev nikolaic at VISAR.WUSTL.EDU
Sun Aug 25 12:00:26 EST 1996

> To: methods at net.bio.net
> From: iayork at panix.com (Ian A. York)
> Subject: Qiagen:  This is ridiculous
> Date: 24 Aug 1996 16:20:58 -0400
> I've been using Qiagen DNA preps for years. The quality is great; as
> everyone who's used them knows, though, the yield is at best
> inconsistent. At random intervals, and for no apparent reason, there
> will be absolutely no DNA produced.<snip>
> Blowing off steam,
> Ian

Dear Ian.
What you describe sound very familiar.
The similar things happend in our lab about 2 yars ago. Apparently, at
no obvious reason  mini-preps will yield no DNA, using Qiagen.
As it turned out, there is nothing to do with the Qiagen kits at all. It
was the bugs!
We switched from Fisher`s amp. to Sigma`s. Discarded all our plates,
clearned the place, water baths and etc. Took the fresh frozen stock of
E.coli, prepared a competent cells using new antibiotic, and you guess
it: problem dissapiared. All 100% of mini- or midi- or max- or whatever
preps using Qiagen start working again with 100% yield.
"Its very difficult to find a grey cat in dark room, if she isn`t there" 


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