Westerns-blotting-BSA / E coli Ab

Keld Sorensen KeldS at uic.edu
Sun Aug 18 07:17:27 EST 1996

All critters have anti E coli, so any POLYclonal Ab will
have reactivity against E coli proteins. If this is a problem
most researchers simply run the Ab prep through a 
Sepharose column containing immobilized E coli lysate...
Make yourself or purchase ready made for this specific 
I don't know of any commercial source of say 
anti-mouse HRP conjugated antibody that is also specifically
treated to remove E coli reactivity, but the good manufacturers
offer "affinity purified" secondaries, i.e. they are purified by
affinity chromatography on mouse IgG (for the anti mouse IgG)
and so on...
Remember this is true for polyclonal primary antibodies as well!!


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