DNA Quantitation-Quick and Dirty

Karl Voss karl at hobbes.chem.ualberta.ca
Mon Aug 26 17:02:29 EST 1996

David Barrass (Barrass at pplros.demon.co.uk) wrote:
> I need a rapid method of determining DNA concentration of a large number
> of
> samples on a routine basis.  The values will be in the range 100ng/ml to
> 1ug/ml
> but the actual concentration is only required roughly (a factor of about
> 2).
> Protein and RNA contamination is a problem in these samples.
>  A260/A280 is affected by contaminants and slow
>  Fluorometry (as we do it, Hoefer TKO 100) is way too slow0
>  Any suggestions on this?

We do all our quantitations by ethidium bromide fluorescence in a Turner
flourmeter.  This works very well and one can measure 4 or 5 samples per
minute.  If you have a lot of cash laying arround you could go for a 
microtitre plate based fluormeter.  Protein and RNA contaimation is a 
problem but there are ways of dealing with that.  

I know that this does not help much but I don't think there is a much
faster method of quantitation then fluorescence.  

Good luck.



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