PCR - SSCP loading mixture/denaturant??

Administrador de iihema.fmed.uba.ar postmast at iihema.fmed.uba.ar
Mon Aug 26 22:22:07 EST 1996

I was once told that there's a paper from Liu and Sommer in 
PCR Tech. Appl. where they check the different denaturants for SSCP
and find 50% formamide / 7M Urea to be the best combination.
I never actually got around to reading the paper (the magazine's not
available here in Argentina), and, as I've never been able to lay my
hands on a batch of Methyl Mercury Hydroxide, I use NaOH which works
quite well for me.
In any case, the ref. is:

PCR Tech. Appl. 4:97-108. 1994. (Liu and Sommer).
Hope this helps.

Facundo Garcia Bournissen,
postmast at iihema.fmed.uba.ar

P.S.: By the way, the ref. was given to me by Greg Buzard, who seems to remain
loyal to good ol' MMH anyway.

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