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Jill Kellogg jkellogg at
Mon Aug 26 19:55:47 EST 1996

On 8/26/96  6:02 PM  Dr. W. Wegloehner (wegloehner at

>to make a long story short. what do you think about stratagenes robocycler
>gradient PCR amchine. Is it worth the money and how is the reliability of its
>mechanical parts. before i am going to spend a lot of money it would be nice to
>get some informations beside the one from stratagene.
>any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Our lab has been using one of Stratagene's Robocycler gradient PCR machines for
more than half a year now and we're quite pleased.  The mechanical parts have
had no problems, it is easy to program and the temperature gradient really
works. And best of all it's much faster than our PE 480 cycler.

No affliation with Stratagene, etc.

Jill Kellogg

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