MedImmune INc anyone ??

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both have biotech company directories


Ganesh Jawahar Swaminathan (hi712 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu) wrote:

: Hi !
: This may not be the forum for asking for addresses but as this 
: is read by molecular biologists who may use products by this firm
: I take this liberty.
: I am looking for the e-mail address of MedImmune Inc. of Gaithersburg, Mary
: Maryland, USA.. I need to order some Mycobacterial plasmids from them.
: Any clue to their e-mail address or that of Raju Lathigra who works in the same firm will be 
: very much appreciated.
: Sorry for the bother..
: cheers
: Jawahar 
: Jawahar Swaminathan
: National Institute of Immunology
: New Delhi, INDIA
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