Detergent for Tissue Culture glassware

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Mon Aug 26 13:37:04 EST 1996

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>Subject: Detergent for Tissue Culture glassware
>Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 18:47:38 -0800

>Does anyone have a good suggestion for what type of detergent should be
>used for wasing glassware involved in tissue culture experiments?
>Specifically I work with COS cells. I used to use the 7x Detergent from
>Flow Laboratories, but I could no longer get into contact with them.

The old fashioned way to clean tissue culture glassware
is just to soak in chromic acid overnight. Then rinse in distilled h2o 
followed by ultrapure h2o then air dry and autoclave

Ian Mc

P.S. I would be careful about putting anything platsic or metal into the 
chromic acid it might not come out again :)

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