UV safe TAE ?

Rafael Maldonado rafael at howard.med.utah.edu
Tue Aug 27 19:26:50 EST 1996

> Rico Laage wrote:
> > 
> > dear colleagues
> > 
> > I read in an add about UV safe TAE-buffer for DNA-gels, they said, that by
> > adding UV-protective chemicals to their buffer they could increase their
> > cloning efficiency about  200X  !!!!
> > I can`t believe this number but I would like to know if anybody out there ever
> > tried this buffer or has any suggestions about it-
> > What chemicals are used for UV-protection (e.g. in sunblockers) ?

IMHO, that does not make sense. DNA is visible with EtBr because of the 
UV. If you block the UV, you will not break the DNA, but also you will not 
see it. You have to get a compromise between your level of detection and 
your DNA breakage.

There are some UV lamps with less energy (long wavelenght) used for DNA. 
And of course, the DNA is less visible under those lamps. I normally use a 
hand-held, long wavelenght UV lamp, trying not to get the lamp too close 
to the gel (our transluminator definitively was killing my DNA). I load a 
lot of DNA, so the band is visible even under low UV levels. It usually 

May be those protectants stabilize the DNA in some way. Any news on this 
thread is welcome; I never heard of this before.


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