looking for a method to strip gel plates

Michelle Gleeson michelle at MOLECULE.BIO.UTS.EDU.AU
Tue Aug 27 19:34:42 EST 1996

On 27 Aug 1996, brad swanson wrote:

> Hi,
> 	I use a BioRad sequencing gel apparatus to run out microsatellite DNA and
> I coat one of the plates with Sigmacote to make it 'slick'.  I have noticed
> recently that the gels are starting to have difficultly staying on one
> plate.  Someone suggested that I need to strip the plates of the Sigmacote
> b/c the plates become 'overcoated' over time.  Does anyone have a recipe
> for a stripping reagent?  Thanks in advance!  Cathy Mossman

>I have used a mixture of potassium hydroxide pellets and methanol for
cleaning sequencing plates of buildup.  I can't remember the exact
but I think it is in Maniatis.  You will need to do this in a fume hood,
soak the plates in the solution and then rub them over with Kimwipes,
before cleaning again in your usual way.  This works also for things like
bind silane.  You could also try 10N NaOH, which successfully removes
dried acrylamide traces from plates, but repeated use apparently etches

Good luck,

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