Nucleotide Sequence of pTich5

takashi matsumoto mat at SS.ABR.AFFRC.GO.JP
Tue Aug 27 06:29:41 EST 1996

Dear netters;
 Recently I have started to clone the vir E2 and vir D2 genes of the plant
Ti plasmid by PCR.
The only Agrobacterium strain I have right now is the commercial one,
 LBA4404 harbours pAL4404 Ti plasmid which is derived from
But nuvleotide sequences of virE2 and vir D2 gene of this Ti plasmid could
not be found in the published database(I found vir E2 gene of pTiA6NC,C58
and vir D2 gene of pTiA6,C58 ). Does anyone of you know the (published or
unpublished) sequense of these genes of pTiAch5? Or should I clone these
genes by homology or protein-sequencing analysis?      Please tell me.
Thanks in advance. 
Takashi Matsumoto ,Ph.D.       Dept. of Mol.Biology
                                              Institute of Agro-biological
Resources, Japan
mail;   mat at 

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