Thrombin Cleavage of GST

Evan Burkala eburkala at CENTRAL.MURDOCH.EDU.AU
Tue Aug 27 03:08:31 EST 1996

   I have a fusion protein tagged to GST and am trying to cleave the GST 
fusion partner off with thrombin. It does not seem that cleavage is 
efficient if at all. Could anyone recommend a protocol that they know 
work? I would be extremely grateful.

Another thing, is it necessary to cleave the GST off if wanting to inject 
into rabbits for antisera to the recombinant. I subsequently want to use 
the fusion protein (uncleaved) for ELISA. Will I get too high a 
background in the ELISA to the GST? Does anyone recommend raising 
antisera specifically against the recombinant? 

Thanks in advance,
Evan Burkala
<eburkala at>

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