DNA don't migrate...

Guan Zhu guan.zhu at wadsworth.org
Tue Aug 27 12:37:22 EST 1996

I still think that the DNA is not clean. It's possible that shrimp protein
is more difficult to be digested and removed. 

If I were you, I would prepare fresh protease K solution and digest your
DNA with it again (55 C, 1-3 hr or 37 C overnight) before organic

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(Jukka U Palo) wrote:

> One stupid question again. Recently I started to extract DNA from shrimps
> (which, btw, seems to be difficult - any suggestions?). When I'm checking
> the DNA in agarose gels, a great portion of the DNA stays in the wells.
> What is the reason for this? First I thought it is due to proteins and
> other impurities, but the samples behave in a similar way after second
> phenol/chlorofom extraction, too. This happens with some of the samples, and
> even seems to be somewhat species-specific phenomenon. These samples
> still work reasonably well as PCR templates, but I'm just curious. Any
> similar experiences?
> Thanks, Jukka

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