UV safe TAE ?

Ed Beaty ebeaty at firecraker.com
Tue Aug 27 10:56:06 EST 1996

One thing you can try is using longwave UV when cutting your bands out of the gel.  The intense shortwave UV 
generated by transilluminators may be blasting your DNA.  Also, check the methds-reagents FAQ...your question 
sounds familiar, and I wonder if it's been answered (better) before.

Ed Beaty
Pierce Chemical Company

Rico Laage wrote:
> dear colleagues
> I read in an add about UV safe TAE-buffer for DNA-gels, they said, that by
> adding UV-protective chemicals to their buffer they could increase their
> cloning efficiency about  200X  !!!!
> I can`t believe this number but I would like to know if anybody out there ever
> tried this buffer or has any suggestions about it-
> What chemicals are used for UV-protection (e.g. in sunblockers) ?
> Rico
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