CAT gene -- fluorescent substrates?

Ed Beaty ebeaty at
Tue Aug 27 10:46:33 EST 1996

Check out Molecular Probes.  They have a fluorescent CAT assay, and may 
also have or know of a CAT substrate with the properties you're looking 
for.  Their tech assistance line is:  (541) 465-8353.

Ed Beaty
Research Associate
Pierce Chemical Company

Gene Huh wrote:
> Hello fellow netters,
> I have a question for those who work with the chloramphenicol
> acetyltransferase gene.  I was wondering if a substrate for CAT exists
> that
>    (i)  is fluorescent and
>    (ii) has a reaction product that is retained within a live cell.
> Such a substrate night work in the same way that FDG
> (fluorescein-D-galactopyranoside) works for live staining of LacZ-positive
> cells.
> Thanks in advance,
> Dr. Gene S. Huh
> Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology
> University of California at Berkeley
> gshuh at

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