Yeast contamination on cell culture:HELP!!

Heinz-Juergen Schaefers mfm434 at
Tue Aug 27 13:15:55 EST 1996


Xose S. Puente wrote:
> I`m working on culture of human cell lines and I have some troubles
> with yeast contamination. Somebody knows how I can discart them in my
> cultures?

Well, I (we) also have sometimes yeast contaminations in cell culture...
We found NO WAY to get rid of them, once they are in the plates..
To avoid yeast contamination, there is only one way: extremely clean working
conditions: frequently cleaning the hoods with 70% EtOH, autoclav/steril filtrate all 
buffers/solutions/media, disinfect your hands very carefully...
maybe you should change the hood air filters...
(and don't drink beer the night before or eat something from the bakery just before
doing cell culture...)  :)
thats all I can suggest...

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