First Base, free molecular biology software exclusively for OS/2

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Wed Aug 28 01:37:07 EST 1996

I wrote last week:

>First Base is a Presentation Manager program written with VX-REXX.  For the price(!), it's
>a capable program, very easy to use and should fulfill most of your molecular biology software
>needs.  We have been using First Base almost exclusively in our laboratory for the past four
>or five months. 

Twenty people have downloaded copies thus far.  Most of the responses have been positive (too bad,
all you Windows users!).  There are a few bugs that were found, all of which I've fixed except for 
the lack of mouse conmtrol of the primary window, which 40% of the users have experienced.
I believe now that this problem can be fixed by installing Fast Load support for Windows.

In place of the lame e-mail response form, I've installed the latest alpha version of The Ceilidh, 
which allows Web pages to host newsgroups more specific in focus than could be handled by UseNet.

If you use OS/2, you are welcome to download a copy of First Base from 
The Insel Lab Home Page,


The First Base discussion forum is also located on this web site at

Richard J. Hughes

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