Church buffers (Was Re: Hybond N)

Alexander Kraev kraev at
Wed Aug 28 11:51:05 EST 1996

In article <s21db8b1.042 at EM.AGR.CA>, MCJordan at EM.AGR.CA (Mark Jordan) wrote:

> Hi all,
> Can anyone give me a reference or recipe for these Church buffers?

The original buffer is 7% SDS- 1% BSA -0.25 M sodium phosphate pH 7.2
The reagents I use are as follows: SDS Bio Rad 161 0302, BSA Sigma A-7906,
di-sodium phosphate from Fluka 71643. The reference is PNAS (1984) :81,
The buffer is stable at RT. Blots can be washed either in 50 mM sodium phosphate
-1% SDS or in SSC solutions after hybridizations. For DIG and biotin blots
I use Boehringer blocking reagent instead of BSA.

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