Looking for antibodies against Cre-recombinase

Thomas R. Anderson babco at ix.netcom.com
Wed Aug 28 09:47:58 EST 1996

Mark Veugelers <Mark.Veugelers at ping.be> writes: 
>Hi, I'm looking for antibodies agasint Cre-recombinase.  Does anyone 
>know where I can get them? 
>Thanks !

Hello Mark (and others)--

Berkeley Antibody company (BAbCO) now offers a monoclonal antibody
against the cre-recombinase.  If anyone wants information about the
antibody, please reply by email, and give us your address and fax
number.  We will send the information along promptly.

Thanks in advance for your interest.

Tom Anderson
Berkeley Antibody Company  (BAbCO)
tel:  1-800-922-2226  (in the USA)
      1-510-412-8930  (anywhere)
fax:  1-510-412-8940
email:  tanders at babco.com

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