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<< On the good side, it is easy to program, though a bit tedious, and
 will complete a program much faster than on a comparable one block
 machine >>

The Perkin Elmer 480 cycler is probably the slowest cycler available, so if
compared to that almost all newer cyclers including the Stratagene will be
faster.    Both the MJ Research and Biometra heated lid cyclers have very
fast ramp times so that the total run time savings is significant.  Does
anyone have experience comparing these with a Perkin Elmer 480?

These also have built-in touchdown programming and can save dozens of
If you want really fast, the Idaho Technology completes 30 cycles in 10
minutes!  You can program in stepdown functions.

See the past issues of Bioconsumer Reviews Volume 2 issues 1,2,&3 for reviews
on thermocyclers.  Subscrtiption info FAX 714-380-4318  free in US.

Walt Schick

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