Qiagen: This is ridiculous/purity

Richard A. Janssen rjanssen_imm at OPAL.TUFTS.EDU
Wed Aug 28 21:02:05 EST 1996

The Qiagen maxiprep is definitely inconsistent both with regard to yield 
and purity. I have the impression that some of the problems relate to the 
plasmid; certain plasmids (even high copy numbers) don't give high yields 
with the Qiagen maxiprep. I have also the impression that one should not 
use the filter tips but should stick to the centrifuge step. Two times 
now I had no yield using the filter tips, whereas the same prep was fine 
when using the centrifuge step instead. Lately I am having a lot of 
trouble with the purity; even multiple phenol/chloroform extractions does 
not increase purity.

Cheers, Richard 

Richard A. Janssen
E-mail: rjanssen_imm at opal.tufts.edu

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