antibiotics for LBA4404

Matt Hudson meh2 at
Wed Aug 28 04:57:43 EST 1996

We always use rifampicin as a selective agent for untransformed LBA4404.
I've never heard of using strep. but that doesnt mean it wont work. Or
you can grow the Agro. on minimal media to get rid of E. coli that are
hanging around (but don't transfer any agar with the cells)

byeongha at PLAZA.SNU.AC.KR (Byeong-ha Lee) wrote:
>Dear Peijun;
>A. tumefaciens strain LBA4404 is resistant to 'streptomycin'.
>and pBI121 has kanamycin-resistant gene (NPT II).
>I usually add both antibiotics to media (YEP) at 50ug/mL.
>You can apply only streptomycin to nontransformed LBA4404.
>and both to transformants.

>On 26 Aug 1996, pzhang wrote:
>> Hi, there.
>> I have a simple question, but I realy need somebody help me out.
>> I try to transform Agrobactrium tumefaciens Strain LBA 4404 with binary plasmid pBI121. I am not sure what kinds of antibiotics I should used in medium or plate for growing non-transformed and transformed LBA 4404.
>> I appreciate any advises and suggestions.

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