Other minipreps (was Re: Qiagen: This is ridiculous)

Victor Levenson levenson at uic.edu
Wed Aug 28 14:06:38 EST 1996

sharmaa at acsu.buffalo.edu wrote:

>I havent expereinecsIan A. York wrote:
>> I've been using Qiagen DNA preps for years.  The quality is great; as
>> everyone who's used them knows, though, the yield is at best
>> inconsistent.  At random intervals, and for no apparent reason, there
[stuff deleted]
>> Blowing off steam,
>> Ian

>I have had low or no yields with  Qia-miniprep spin columns! I will be 
>doing a comparison of Qiagen midiprep with PrimmLabs kit soon. Will 
>post the results.
>Name: Ashu Sharma                       
>E-mail: sharmaa at acsu.buffalo.edu

On the same subject:

Has anyone tried mimipreps from "5'-3'" which they call
"Perfect-Prep"? And/Or  from Princeton Separations (forgot the name
for this one)? The tech people for both companies claim better than
CsCL ("and other kits" - no names, though) purity and yield, but what
is your experience? The applications I am mostly interested in are
TRANSFECTIONS and AUTO Sequencing (for screening by RE digest nothing
beats phenol-chloroform ;-)!)

If you want  to e-mail I can summarize and post the gist of the


levenson at uic.edu

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