XL-1 Red Mutagenesis

FABIAN MOEBIUS Fabian.Moebius at uibk.ac.at
Thu Aug 29 08:37:45 EST 1996

Dear Netters,
Stratagene sells the XL-1 RED strain for generation of random 
mutants without subcloning. I would like to mutagenize my cDNA which 
is in a yeast shuttle vector, isolate pooled DNA, transform it into 
yeast and isolate mutants based on phenotypic selection. Is 
this feasible (reasonable mutant to wild type ratio) and is it possible to estimate the mutation frequency 
(STRATAGENE states that it is 5,000 times higher than with XL-1 
BLUE)? Do you know a reference for such an approach? 
Thanks for your help

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