DNA dye for fluorometric quantitation

bigcheez at ma.ultranet.com bigcheez at ma.ultranet.com
Thu Aug 29 22:49:47 EST 1996

alex at alfred.med.monash.edu.au wrote:
> We have found that Promega's "FluorKit DFA Fragment Analysis Core Kit v1.01"
> enabled quantitation of our PCR products over a greater range than Ethidium
> Bromide.
> However, Promega has apparently stopped producing the kit.
> Could anyone recommend an alternative dye for fluorometric DNA quantitation in
> agarose gels. We are using non-fluorescently labelled primers and the
> Molecular Dynamics FluorImager for gel scanning and quantitation.
> Also, if anyone out there knows of a source of Promega's DFA-1Kit, we would be
> greatful and more than willing to buy.
> Looking forward to hearing from you,
> Alex Tzanidis
> Dept Medicine
> Monash University
> Melbourne, Australia

Have you tried Vistra Green from Amersham??  Their 
number is (02) 894-5188.

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