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> Could anyone suggest an alternative to HaeIII digested phiX174 as a
> marker for Restriction enzyme or RAPD analysis? I would prefer to
>  make my own, and in my hands a plasmid gives more DNA per cell
>  than a virus. This is really an effort to save money. All suggestions
are welcome.

   We routinely use pBR322 digested with MspI for low MW markers, good for
ca. 50-600 bp. We buy intact pBR and digest it ourselves, because the
yields of plasmid are not great without chloramphenicol amplification of a
large scale culture, but you certainly can grow it yourself. Oh, and the
DNA labels up nicely with Klenow and dCTP, if you need hot markers. 

   Feel free to mail if you need more info.

      Pam Norton

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