Qiagen refuses to tell!

Michael W. Thompson mthom0 at pop.uky.edu
Fri Aug 30 13:47:57 EST 1996

>Well yes, of course.  But if you corner the reps, they readily acknowledge
>that it is trivial for the competition to work out the composition of the
>buffers, so its not much of a commercial secret.  The real 'secret' of
>Qiagen products is the composition of the _matrix_.  There's really no
>reason why they shouldn't reveal the solution compositions. Its incredibly
>irritating to spill/run out of a solution late on Friday and not be able
>to do anything about it even though you've almost certainly got everything
>you need to make a replacement sitting on the shelf.  I no longer buy
>Qiagen products for precisely this reason.

     Precisely.  I have heard many stories regarding this kind of problem, many of them 
from this newsgroup.  I remember one such story of someone who had run out of an "RNA 
resuspension solution" to an RNA isolation kit, and called the company to order some more 
of it, and was told that it was about $200 for 500 mL, but the representative then went 
on to tell him/her that it was simply DEPC-treated water...
     I wonder how many $200 bottles of DEPC-water they sold?

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