ABI 310--help!

Agnes Tay mcbtayhn at nus.sg
Fri Aug 30 03:33:34 EST 1996

Is there anyone out there doing microsatellite genotyping using Genescan 
on the ABI310? Ours was installed last week with great difficulty--they 
never got the microsatellite demo kit to work at all. We started running 
samples this week and are getting all sorts of problems for which no-one 
appears to have any real answers.
Even the Rox stds don't run properly--some days the peaks are nice and 
sharp but are spaced wrongly, other days we get humps instead of peaks. 
We're also getting currents of about 50uAmps which we are told are way 
too high but no-one from ABI/PE has been able to tell us precisely 
what's wrong.
Has anyone used Genescan on the ABI310? We would really like to hear 
from someone who has used it and can offer some useful pointers!

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