Red Cell Band 4.1

Dr. Brian M. Cooke Brian.Cooke at
Fri Aug 30 02:28:12 EST 1996

We want to do a couple of experiments and need some purified red blood cell 
band 4.1.  We have had a couple of fairly miserable faliures trying to purify 
some for ourselves and now realise that a more sensible approach is to attempt 
to 'scrounge' some.  We'd be very happy to discuss our experiments with anyone 
out there who might have 'a spare bit'.  If we could get hold of an anti- 
red cell 4.1 antibody too that would be terrific.  I should add that we do 
have a couple of 4.1 expressing clones but we are concerned about expression 
in E. coli as correct folding may be critically important for our assays.

Any help or offers to this end will be sincerely appreciated.

Best wishes

Brian Cooke

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