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>It always surprises me when people think that companies will/should give
>away thief intellectual property. If they spent the time(and Money)
>developing a product the secret belongs to them. If that bothers you (and it
>does me at times too) than don't use kits. Or figure out what's in them by
>using the literature or find the next best substitute.
>But don't expect something for nothing from a corporation...it just don't
>happen very often.
>not affiliated with Qiagen,

Well yes, of course.  But if you corner the reps, they readily acknowledge
that it is trivial for the competition to work out the composition of the
buffers, so its not much of a commercial secret.  The real 'secret' of
Qiagen products is the composition of the _matrix_.  There's really no
reason why they shouldn't reveal the solution compositions. Its incredibly
irritating to spill/run out of a solution late on Friday and not be able
to do anything about it even though you've almost certainly got everything
you need to make a replacement sitting on the shelf.  I no longer buy
Qiagen products for precisely this reason.


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