which phophoImager?

Randy Nonay randy at hobbes.chem.ualberta.ca
Fri Aug 30 11:25:59 EST 1996

Riekeltje Koedood (rkoedood at bio.bu.edu) wrote:
> Hi All

> We are buying a PhophoImager for our Department and are having diffictulties
> to decide which (that is, difficulties eaching a consensus). The choice is
> between the Biorad machine and the Storm from Molecular Dynamics.

> Any opinions on this? Especially useful would be opinions of people who have
> used both.

> THanks.

> Marieke Koedood
> Boston University
> Biology Dept.
I've used the Molecular Dynamics PhosPhorimager extensively - seems to
work great! Very easy to handle screens, feels like quality. 

 I've also tested the Biorad system and found it to be much less user

  (I haven't tried out a storm yet - they came out just after my
ex-employer ordered the imager.)


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