Qiagen refuses to tell!

Steven Cohen sbc4 at PO.CWRU.EDU
Fri Aug 30 07:25:50 EST 1996

At 03:12 PM 8/27/96 GMT, you wrote:
>Hi, it's me again,
>I called them and they refused to tell. Are they contributing to science
>or just profiting from it?
It always surprises me when people think that companies will/should give
away thief intellectual property. If they spent the time(and Money)
developing a product the secret belongs to them. If that bothers you (and it
does me at times too) than don't use kits. Or figure out what's in them by
using the literature or find the next best substitute.

But don't expect something for nothing from a corporation...it just don't
happen very often.

not affiliated with Qiagen,


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