RNA sizing against DNA markers

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In <4vq45a$276 at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>, GILLIAN NI BHARLO BOTANY PG <NIBHARLO at acadamh.ucd.ie> writes:
>Hello everybody!
>A question on behalf of a colleague. She has some photos of old RNA 
>gels (agarose) with DNA markers on. What allowances does she make for 
>sizing the RNA against these markers? Please dont suggest she runs 
>them again, shes writing up and not in a position to do so.
>Thanks if you can help

Single-stranded DNA runs about 5% faster than RNA of the same chain length (i.e., RNA runs slower than DNA). RNA sizes determined from DNA standards will hence be ca. 5% too large. So, from the RNA chain length calculated from a standard curve of DNA, you subtract 5% to get the "real" RNA chain length.

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